Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where is my mind?

Mom knows best
She has always told me to go for the man that loves you more than you love him because in a relationship one will always feel more than the other, and you’ll be more happy with a man who loves you more. But that’s another risk I’m willing to take, I have one heart, might as well use my whole heart to love someone than only half of it.

There is no Yin to my Yang
I find it rather silly when people say “you complete me” to their significant other. I believe everyone is a whole person; you are you and completely you. Your significant other shouldn’t complete you, but he/she should enhance you. They should enhance your life, because you should already be happy without them, but being with them makes you happier. No one deserves all of that power, completing or making you happy but yourself.

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