Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where has my mind gone?

  • nothing sucks more than realizing you're wrong in the heat of an argument
  • i love the look on your face and the tone of your voice when i'm teaching you something new (ie: how to add a works cited page to the end of your paper, that the google chrome address url bar is doubled as a google search bar, that MNF stands for Monday Night Football not Minnesota Football, etc)
  • when texting, skyping, or just typing there needs to be a sarcasm font. not everyone gets it
  • bad decisions makes good stories and memories...the story of the past month or so
  • I hate leaving the house looking better than usual, but not seeing anyone of any importance during the day. what a waste of an outfit
  • I've gotten a lot of nicknames these past months. my newest one: spider girl, because i semi-failed at an attempt to sew something back together for a friend. it was a good laughing moment though
  • i hate when i'm bored. because when i'm bored the only thing i can think of doing is eating
  • OR when i'm bored with my friend, the person stupidly puts on youtube videos of food at two in the freaking morning. why must you torture my stomach like that? our stomaches
  • expiration dates are just suggestions...just sayin'
  • I can't believe I haven't taken advantage of any of the restaurant week deals yet. #wtf

Random conversation:
Me: Go away you're annoying me
A: Wth, that's mean as hell
Me: What? At least I'm telling you the truth, or would you rather have me lie to you?
A: Lie to me...
Me: nope too bad, i don't do that.
--Just something that's sticking out in my mind right now.

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