Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life's natural highs

There's something about falling asleep while reading a book with the lights on and waking up at three in the morning that feels good. ^_^ I think it's because while everyone in my house is dreaming, I'm awake. I complain about no one ever being home and how I hate staying home by myself, but it's nice having time to yourself when everyone is home. Yes, I know I'm weird.

Today feels good...I'm sure this morning's phone call has something to do with it too. #puke

  • laughing, laughing at myself, laughing at stupid people, laughing at your lame jokes
  • hearing my current favorite song when i least expect it
  • long heartfelt conversations w/family, friends, and the best w/people you thought would never open up to you.
  • a nice hot smoking shower in the mornings and before bed
  • being a 'refugee'
  • a cup of hot tea
  • teaching someone something new
  • singing in the shower and in the car
  • monopoly
  • learning how to cook from mother
  • getting stuck in traffic w/good music
  • knowing that someone misses you
  • writing or as i would call it releasing brain juice
  • getting a text or phone call from someone you haven't seen or spoken to in awhile
  • inside jokes
  • waking up knowing you've been given another day (=

Today's goals:
[]-decide whether to stay in MN or leave out of town for a week in November
[]-jog and soak in the beautiful fall scenery before nasty winter hits
[]-get lots of work done
[]-learn a new recipe from mother
[]-continue trying to change someone's life, for the better of course
[]-breathe; live

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