Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad decisions makes good memories

Thirsty Thursday
Only with my group of friends that, what was supposed to be a night at the movies watching a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a month turns into a night in town drinking. I didn’t die or anything (something I’ve made a vow to myself to never ever do again), but it was a pretty hilarious night with most of the entertainment coming from my drunk friends.

-a drunk girl getting a little too touchy touchy and close with her supposed best friend
-a drunk man handing out MAASU positions and VIP passes to two Vietnamese girls
-a drunk girl getting too close to an old flame
-a drunk man getting hounded by two random drunk girls
-a drunk group of people hookahing at some random person’s apartment
-the drunk group of people hookahing getting yelled at because the owner of the apartment was trying to study for a midterm
-a drunk man ordering a shot of clear but minty shots
-a drunk girl playing the “I drink half you drink half” game with 6 beers
-a drunk man carrying his life all around campus
-a drunk group of people at Burger King at 12:30am peeing and eating 4 orders of fries
-a drunk girl arguing with the valet guy to try and get half off
-an empty dance floor
-a drunk girl throwing up in the restroom of Uptown Diner
-a drunk girl stealing utensils from Uptown Diner

I didn’t attach any names for a purpose, guessing is so much more fun.

Although it was nice to see so many faces out last night, I’m pretty sure I socialized enough to last me a whole year. My friend is right though, there isn’t a place that I can go and not know anyone. With the inevitable out there, I’ll just accept the fact that I fail at retiring from drinking. I just wish I was failing at a different location.

Tamzilla Eats World:
I have been meaning to start a blog with all of my food adventures, but never got around to it. I find maintaining two blogs to be tedious and dumb so I'll just start posting them on here along with my thoughts, feelings, blah blah blah. I'm still debating if I should post up my past food adventures or just leave it alone, any opinions?

Yesterday I went and had a late lunch/early dinner with a friend at the Noodles and Co. (click on name) on campus:

My friend got the Indonesian noodles

I decided to steer away from my usual Wisconsin Mac&Cheese or Mushroom Stroganoff and went for the Wisconsin Cheeseteak w/a side Caesar salad

The sandwich wasn't delicious, but it wasn't bad either. But for $7 I'd rather get my usual Wisconsin mac and cheese or the stroganoff. I've had way better cheesesteak sandwiches for only $4 or $5 bucks. or walk a few feet down to Village Pizza to get a stromboli or a gyro for only $4.

For dinner a group of us from the VSAM meeting went to Korea Restauarant:
A friend and I shared the kalbi dish since I wasn't too hungry after killing the sandwich from above.

the kimchi soup

the bibimbap

The restaurant did things different than most, you look at the menu but rather than having a waiter take your order, you go up front to put your order in and pay. You're given a ticket w/a number on it and wait til the number pops up on a small electronic screen and you walk up front to pick the food up. Each order comes with their own ban chan where most Korean restaurants make you share with the entire table so that was nice since I'm greedy when it comes to food. The restaurant space was very small for the amount of people that eat there, also it's not the cleanliest place, so if you're looking for a nice sit down restaurant for Korean I suggest you go to Mirror of Korea or Hoban. They're both not that nice of a restaurant, but what asian restaurant is that isn't owned by a white person? The food is also overpriced. For the kalbi that my friend and I shared, it was $16. You could go to Hoban and order a couple of those orders for the same price. It was my first time eating here and probably my last time unless I'm on campus and am too lazy to drive ten minutes to Mirror of Korea.

I normally don't care if I come out of a restaurant smelling like their food because what do you expect out of eating in a cramped space? But it really really bothered me that I smelt so much like oil after leaving the place. I didn't smell like oil where you deep fry things like eggrolls or oreos in, but it smelt like BP just had their oil spill on me. Yes, that bad.

For a late night snack (if you wanna call it that or a second dinner) after a night of downing beers and shots, and dancing the night away I kidnapped my drunk friends and drove to Uptown Diner:

A friend and I shared the steak eggs benedict. For about $10 it was so worth it and so delicious. But the delicious part could've been because we've all been drinking, and dancing. and after a good night of drinking w/friends my stomach always needs food to end a perfect night. It wasn't my first time at the joint, and definitely won't be my last. It beats the usual Perkins or Denny's at 2 or 3 in the morning.

I apologize for the crappy camera phone pictures, but thats gonna have to do 'til I get my new battery and memory card for my point and shoot. Who knows maybe my brother will be nice and let me use his DSLR.

I don't get it
I've never gotten why people say one thing, but then go and do another. But it's also more frustrating when it's someone you consider a close friend. C'mon person, you should know better!

It's a Mad world...

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places
Worn out faces

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