Monday, November 29, 2010

Coincidence? I think yes.

It's pretty amazing how everytime I think of you, you'd magically appear. From this morning to the second I woke up from my nap.

Stop it you.

ok you people can assume now who this is about.
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Things that make me happy #'s 20-29

20. unexpectedly running into friends you haven't seen in a long time, and having a great night w/them (Friday)
21. peeing w/the door open
22. singing to a song I currently like while listening to it infinitely til I get sick of it
23. relating to a movie and/or book you're reading
24. wearing clothes that came straight from the dryer
25. succeeding in something you thought you couldn't do (ex: last week I thought I couldn't do a 90 into a parking spot but I did hehe)
26. seeing old couples hold hands (a friendly reminder that true love does exist in this crazy world)
27. hearing someone's heart beat
28. phone calls from mom and dad (even out of their fun trip they remembered to take time out of it to call me <3)
29. Finding a clean pair of underoos after I thought I ran out. (I hate doing laundry and I have a tendency to let it pile up until I absolutely need to do it)

Oh and this song. I recently just found out about it, and even though I feel old, this song makes me feel young. <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a Quote

...that I feel suits right now w/all of my relationships w/people.

I know what it is!

I think I just miss my parents like crazy. They've been gone since tuesday night and ever since they've left I haven't been eating or sleeping much. I call my mom every night to see how everything's doing but it doesn't do justice for actually having them home. I hope they're having a good time in's their first real vacation since our family went to Vietnam my freshman year in high school.

It's just bothering me because my little brother while driving him home from school one day he asked me when my parents were leaving, and I told him what day and etc and he goes "oh, well I had a dream that mommy and daddy's plane crashed. I woke up w/tears." This is coming from a person who never cries, and is angry all of the time. I know it's silly to think that the dream might come true, but I'll sleep better and have an appetite once they're home safe. <3
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Too proud

I'm going to holster my guns, and let my pride go. My friends are right, I hold my pride up too high that I've been missing out on things. Now if only I did this eight months ago, things probably would've been different. But I don't like thinking about the 'what if's' it's all about the what now's.

Can I, save you from you?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's official

I'm gonna get off this whole social networking stuff for good. Even my blogs. I'm too ridic when I can't remember things from the night before, which seems to be the pattern now a days.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kids say the darnest things

Jayden: Tammy who are you texting? Your boyfriend???
Me: NoOoOOOo I don't have a boyfriend
Jayden: Na uh Uncle __________ is your boyfriend. Wherever you go he is with you
Andrew: OoOoOoOhh caught red handed.

btw, I honestly don't have a boyfriend.
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This is what friends are for

I'm too good of a friend, especially to this person.

I just wanna sleep.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh you fancy huh?


Spent the day going to Toys ‘R Us to buy two little kids a birthday present and then the mall. Where a friend and I took pictures and sang karaoke in a giant freezer for free Colombia hats. Then off to Elixir I went for a friend's 21st Birthday.

Here's the pictures of us in the giant freezer. There are bigger copies of each photo but I'll save that for myself. haha it was pretty embarrassing, but spontaneously fun. Oh and definitely not posting the video of us singing Nelly's "Hot in here"

Went to a friend's nephew's birthday at Chucke Cheese and won a bunch of tickets and gave em away to the kids. After Chucke Cheese, we went over to his sister's house to eat some more and watch Kaleb open his presents. He's such a mama and daddy's boy! After that was the Black and White party downtown at the Grand Hotel. Got ready and pregamed w/a few friends that got a couple of rooms, then went down to the actual party downstairs. Saw a lot of old faces that I haven't seen in a really long time and it was nice to catch up with everyone again, but I don't think I could do this every weekend like I used to. Here's the pics (thanks Kevin for letting me be in charge of the camera since I still have yet to replace my battery):

The roads on the way home was horrific. Thank goodness we got home safe and everyone we knew got home safe. ^_^

Woke up and got lunch w/everyone at Kimson. It's not my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Minnesota, but it was close and we wanted something quick, for we all had our own personal business to attend to after lunch.
this is the only thing I'd recommend from this restaurant...the beef and potatoes.

banh xeo (vietnamese pancake thingys. I still make it better.)

eggs rolls w/vermicelli noodles

Afterwards, I went home and took my mom shopping and out to dinner. Since it was her last free day before her and my dad leave on vacation for a little over a week. It was mostly her shopping since I have enough clothes, but I don't ever remember her being so materialistic...I talked her out of getting a Gucci purse that was about double one of my car payments a month. After a little shopping we went to Tucci Benucch for dinner. I haven't gone there in a really long time (I think the last time was "prom" w/some close friends back in my senior year in high school). The food was not worth it for the ridiculously overpriced "italian" food that they offered.

I decided to steer away from my usual and got the gnocci w/garlic stir fried spinach and first time ever trying it and it was okay. it doesn't even taste like pasta. it tastes like straight up cheese. it was okay, kind've needed some getting used to. but not worth $18.

My mom got the fettuticini alfredo w/salmon...$17 (could've definitely made this at home for so much less.)

After shopping and eating dinner w/mom, I went home and left after a couple of hours and met up with a friend on the U of M campus to eat some more. Arrived at Village Wok around 10ish and lost track of time and didn't leave til 12:30am. 0_0 but I don't mind, I love having conversations over meals w/friends. Village Woke is a Chinese restaurant, it's decent (wouldn't be my first choice for Chinese food), but it's open late and was convenient.

my friend wanted something spicy so after a long ten minutes of staring at the menu he finally opted for the pad was okay. but what did you expect from a Chinese restaurant trying to make a thai/lao dish?

I got the bbq pork w/noodles. Something I get often, because it never lets me down no matter where I order it especially for the low low price of $7 a bowl.

That was my long yet short, weekend. I cannot wait for Wednesday to roll around. hehe ^_^