Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late nights? Early mornings?--Who Cares!

Is it strange that I'm wide awake w/no sleep, listening to 80's music, head bopping, eating pistachios, at eight in the morning on a Saturday? I think not. This is completely normal, for me at least. Be prepared for some really random shit.

This is what I see right now when I look out my bedroom window. This photo doesn't do justice for the real sight, believe me.

Mike Posner

I'm starting to get used to his raspy voice. I hate when that happens, when you hate an artist, but then you eventually grow to love 'em. I guess having songs w/good lyrics and a catchy beat helps.

Friday night in/out
Tiff and I went out for dinner and did a little roaming around Apple Valley, hitting up two different Targets and a Wal-Mart...

She got some kind of sandwich which was delicious and the chicken tortilla soup

I got the turkey something something and chicken and wild rice soup
P.s. all of that butter was not for me -____-

Who doesn't love fireplaces on chilly nights? I'm glad it was cooler than it has been out because I was getting real sick of the whole summer temps in Fall thing that Mother Nature had going on. All I want in Fall is to wear my boots and North Face, and I finally got to wear one of them.

I remember when I was living in St. Louis, their Panera was called St. Louis Bread Co. or as natives would call it "the bread co." So there is your useless fact for the day, Panera was founded in the Lou. I've been there a dozen times; their sandwiches you could make at home, and their soups you can buy in a can at your local grocery store, but somehow we all still go there and pay for overpriced shit you could've made at home. What was really good and worth the price was their iced green tea. For about $3, that shit is amazingggg. It doesn't even taste like green tea, but I'll let you try it for yourself. If you're by one and you don't wanna fork up $10 for a meal, at least go in and try their iced green tea. And, they have free refills on it, double score.

Whoever came up with this new packaging (right one) for Vaseline is amazing, and I want to kiss you. I used to carry one of these travel sized jars in my purse because it works better than Carmex, Burt's Bees, ChapStick, or any other brand out there for lips, and as weird as it sounds it also works better than the Vaseline brand that's in those little push tubes. But I stopped carrying these jars around because the old packaging (the left one) had the caps coming off so easily. You don't know how many times I've dug around in my purse to look for something only to have my fingers smushed inside the jars and feeling all nasty and sticky.

As you can see with new packaging it's harder for the top to just pop off.

I wanted so bad to buy this and make them...I don't like sweets, but I have a soft spot for anything peanut butter. Too bad I'm the only one who likes peanut butter in my house, so I didn't get it. )= Anyone who likes peanut butter and wouldn't mind sharing with me, let me know and I'll make some! I just don't wanna end up eating the whole thing bad for my Halloween 2k10 Diet.

More amazing repackaging.

Need I say more?

Target v.s. Wal-Mart
When you walk into a Target or a Wal-Mart instantly you can see, sense, and feel the difference. When I walk into a Target, everything just looks and feels more organized, even the people that shop there are nicer. I cringe every time I walk into a Wal-Mart, and that's rare. It seems like the demographic that shops at Wal-Mart are more non affluent than those that shop at Target. I don't hate shopping at Wal-Mart for that reason, I hate shopping at Wal-Mart because they contribute to a lot of things in the economy, which I won't get into tonight...err today.

Just because I love my coffee/tea (= This box will probably last me for a week and a half. I drink tea and coffee like I should be drinking water.

My celery and carrot sticks that I munched on while reading

For shits and giggles:

Btw I have thee best sister

because she bought me a pack of Sanrio Silly Bandz. These things are ridic but I couldn't help myself but cave into the fad. If you're cool enough I'll give you one of mine ^_~

2 Part Question:
Current job: enjoying life
Dream job: to enjoy life
...I'm definitely living
the life.

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