Friday, September 6, 2013


I believe myself to be a pretty adaptable and resilient person who embraces change. The majority fear it, but I yearn for it. When change occurs, give me a second to observe and soak in what's going on and I'm right there with it.

Although I crave being forced out of my comfort zone (ok, if I'm honest 99% of the time I willfully put myself there) and the adrenaline it feeds me, there are a few things I am certain about. 

I am certain that as long as my immediate family members are breathing, I will not live more than 25miles apart from them. I simply cannot imagine being apart from them.

I am certain that I will forever reside in the city. Growing up in the suburbs, and now owning a home in the city...I can't go back.

I am certain that the four women I can count on will always be in my life. It takes two to tango, and I'll be damned if I ever stop putting effort into our friendships.

I am certain that the man I share life's saddest and happiest moments with now will be the man I share everything with indefinitely. 

So even though there are still a lot of moving parts in my life, those parts will be the ones that'll remain still. 

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