Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Frenzy

They say life's too short to make every mistake yourself so learn from other people's. But how many times do you have to make the same mistake over and over until you finally learn?

I'm guilty, I've been making the same mistake over and over for the past few months. In the back of my mind I know better than to, but yet I still go ahead and dive for it. Silly me, I know tricks are for kids, but I still fall for it. Everytime.

So today, I'm telling myself and all of you that I refuse to make this same mistake one more time. It's about time I learned.

It's funny the different things you learn to appreciate as you get older.

-time spent with my family; when I was a teenager I definitely hated this

-time spent w/my siblings without any disputes; it's rare, but we're getting better at spending time together and not arguing over stupid things, but I think it has a lot to with the fact that I've learned to bite my tongue as the big sister and just let them say and do whatever they please

-mom's home cooked meals; it wasn't until I moved out to another state and ate meals at restaurants that didn't even come close to tasting like mom's

-having a close knit of friends; I'm a social butterfly and I know lots of people, but it wasn't until recently where I've realized having close friends that you can count on one hand is 1000x better than being affiliated with a bajillion people. and you'd think most people would realize this sooner?

-Minnesota; again, I didn't grow an appreciation for my home until I moved to another state, another crappy boring state.

-lists; how easy it is to write and how easy it is to read for you lazy readers.

-time spent at home; i used to be this person who hated staying at home, I'd keep myself as busy as possible so I wouldn't have to be caught here unless I was sleeping or showering. But now the time spent here is nice, just lonely at times cause everyone in my family are workaholics.

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Christina said...

I love your attitude. I only know you through passing over the years, and after reading over your recent entries, I'm sad I've never really met you! I wish everyone would be as self-aware, and that everyone would look at the big picture more often. People obsess over the pettiest things, and they do so many things they regret. You can only avoid hurting yourself if you know yourself. YOU seem to know yourself! You seem like you've got a great head on your shoulders.