Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Playing catch up

Sleepy Sunday:
Sunday's are football days, and I watched the Vikes improve their record to 2-3 by beating the Cowgirls at home. And had a nice family dinner + Paul (Tiff's boyfriend whom we all love to death) at our usual spot for any family dinners Shuang Cheng in Dinkytown. It's my brother's and parents' favorite place to get Chinese food. You can catch us there for every important family event (birthdays, anniversaries, random outings) + Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's day, Father's day, etc...and it's always the same thing that we order.

Ong choy (chinese)/Rau Muong (Viet) stir fried in garlic; This is one of my favorites and I'm so happy I don't have my braces anymore. These things are hard to get out when their wrapped around the metal.

Sizzling sweet and sour beef w/vegetable preserves; I used to hate this especially because of the vegetable preserves, but I've grown to love veggie preserves and this dish. So delish!

First order of lobster

Second order of lobster; I'm not a fan but everyone else in my fam is

salty fish and chicken fried rice; this is my all time favorite fried rice, but we've never gotten it from here before (surprising since we've been going here since I was like 5), but it's not that great. We substituted our usual beef chow fun for this, and honestly never again from here. HKN's salty fried rice is 10x better.

deep fried walleye in black bean sauce; my ultimate favorite (along w/many others who have been here) and no one, i repeat no one makes this dish better than Shuang Cheng.

my fortune. true?--you be the judge.

I was planning on going to Caribou Coffee to get some work done in the morning, but Tiff pleasantly surprised me by staying home from work, so I ended up running errands with her around Apple Valley/Burnsville. and I finally got my fixing of lox. It's pretty much just smoked salmon, but it's so delicious. I didn't want to spend $7 on a smoked salmon bagel from Bruegger's Bagel so I decided to go to the grocery store to get my own and make my own sandwich.

I should've went to school to become a chef because the sandwich I invented tasted sooooo good, even with all of the time it took just for a quick lunch. I'll call it Orange open face sandwich hahah:

all of this for $5!! O_o yeah....pretty ridic...but worth it. if it wasn't so expensive I'd eat it everyday

these were the ingredients + two hard boiled eggs + two slices of bread

the final product. yeah it looks like vomit. but the taste justifies how ugly it looks

different angle; oh how i wish i had my battery for my point and shoot!

grilled chicken that Tiff wanted to try from Valley Natural Foods. The grocery store is like a smaller version of Kolwalski's, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods.

oh and we were craving cheese. Yes, I know we're big girls stuck in a small girls' body

Did a little shopping and ran into these sexy things....but they're $200. If I was working and wasn't planning a few vacations in the next upcoming months I'd so purchase them. Too sexy!

Had to get my fro-yo fixing. I've been craving it everyday, even if I just had it the day before. But Red Mango is a decent place to satisfy your cravings at. It's not bad, but not super good. The only downside to this place is that it's not self serve like other fro-yo places I've been to, so they decide how much you get for toppings )= I got the promegranate fro-yo w/mochi, mango, and strawberries.

Tiff got original w/mochi, strawberries, and kiwi

I made some canh tom (shrimp soup w/veggies) for dinner. I love that my mom taught me how make the broth which is versatile. I could add any kind of meat and veggies to make the soup. (=

forgot what these were called

raw shrimp

the broth

adding the shrimps in

adding the veggies


people normally eat this w/rice, but i'm trying to eat as little carbs as I can for my diet. but eating it by itself is still delicious! and yes i love my food spicy.

tea gets me happy

this was this morning's breakfast. it looks like lunch, but I had a huge craving for a sandwich plus I wanted to try and finish most of the soup before cooking a different dish for dinner tonight. (=

So far for tonight's dinner it's going to be ga nau nam (chicken stew w/mushrooms and carrots). It'll be my first time cooking it, so we'll see how I do! I've also been wanting to bake a lot lately, but baking is usually sweets and I don't eat that, neither does anyone else in my family. So if anyone wants so cupcakes, brownies, bars, or cookies I'll bake em and you can eat em free of charge! I'm actually kind of liking this whole domestic thing. But like everything else I'm sure I'll get sick of it.

P.S. I'm craving caprese salad....dkjsflksdjf #drools

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