Monday, July 28, 2008

Rain on my skin
I feel a gentle summer wind
In your eyes
I can see the deep blue sky
Let it rain
Let it colour all my skin
Let it rain
Wash away my doubts and pain

I wanna discover
I don't wanna make believe
Let it rain
Down on me
Let it rain down
Let it rain..
Let it rain..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Venting

The first thing I've noticed moving to St. Louis:

1)How bad the drivers are down here. Seriously! It's like 85% of the people down here driving cars don't know how to drive and it irritates me. Yeah, you could say I have road rage but its like everyone down here doesn't know how to signal, doesn't know how to look before switching lanes or they just go too slow or too fast for the speed limit. Sometimes when I'm stopped at a red light with a driver that's been pissing me off I just wanna get out of the car take my bat that i have in the passenger side and smash their windows. sdklfd!!!


2)Mi Dengs are so gosh darn lazy. So we have this new girl here, and we're all training her right? She complains when our supervisor won't let her help customers because "How am I ever gonna learn if I don't get to do anything but read manuals and handbooks?" and starting this week our supervisor finally let her open and start helping customers but she doesn't wanna do it! Okay, so which one is it buddy? All she does is sits on the computer reading whatever she's reading online. argh.


It's funny how everytime I move I always tell my friends that I'd keep in touch but I never do. I guess you can say I've been busy doing all sorts of things down here but never busy enough to not call or occasionally text. I mean I do keep in touch but its with a selected few, and its funny because with those few that I do keep in touch I never see them when I visit. But that's fine with me and I suppose its fine with them. The ones I don't keep in touch with are the ones that when I do visit and see it's like we start right where we left off and I love it. You know who you are. Because when I'm up visiting my time goes to you all. (;


Debating if I should goto the Galleria after work today or not. I've been wanting to get some baking dishes, a wok, and a cast iron pot to try out these new recipes I can't wait to try out.

Eversince I moved I've been cooking way more and it's kind of a hassle because I have work everyday and when I get home I just wanna relax but then there's chores to do and then dinner to make and man!! LOL I guess welcome to the real world huh? But most of the time I don't mind it.

The other night I made some delicious oven baked ribs. It was soooo delicious. and tonight I think I'm going try out this parmesean crusted chicken w/some green beans, corn and some pasta. I made it a couple of weeks ago, and it was good but this time I'm going to perk it up a little.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


days until Marian days in Carthage, MO

...that is if I decide to go. Reasons why I would go: family, friends. Reasons why I wouldn't want to go: hot ass weather, possible rain + camping out in tents=gross nasty dirt everywhere=not good=me being moody and angry, did i mention the hot ass weather?

I've gone every year eversince second grade and don't get me wrong I love love going, but the weather really gets to me. I love the sunny hot weather that comes along with summer but sometimes I just can't take it. Its so humid. but then I feel like I should go not just because my family and friends (which not all are going this year) but because I feel like maybe I need sometime to myself. Away from this city, away from work, away from everyone..

Who knows, it'll probably end up to be a last minute decision.