Thursday, October 28, 2010

Since I can't seem to make up my mind on whether or not to go to Madison for Halloween or to stay in town, I'll do it Ross from Friend's way of deciding things: pros and cons.

Pros of going to Madison:
  • spending it w/my wifey's + Max and An
  • seeing friends I normally don't get to see b/c they don't live in MN
  • it's not Minnesota
  • new food adventures
  • bonding time w/my wifeys + Max and An
  • people watching/watching people die (via alcohol that is)
  • dancinggggg and lots of it w/wifeys
Cons of going to Madison:
  • lots and lots of socializing
  • running around outside bar hopping on State street = cold as hell
  • spending $$$$ that I don't have on liquor and food
  • sharing an apartment with 20+ people (although that can be fun, slumber party anyone?)
  • missing out on five different parties
  • missing out on spending the third year in a row w/Emmy, Oanh, Fanyan, Felix, and the guys
  • uncomfortable long ass car ride
  • lots of racist mi trangs everywhere
  • my chances of going to jail +1 versus staying back home
Normally I'd be up for anything that'll get me out of Minnesota, but even though the scene will change, nothing else will.

Pros of staying in town:

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