Monday, July 23, 2007

A quickie before i leave for the next couple days.

I had a friend of mine read my palms not too long ago. And to sum it up, in my life I'll always be successful at whatever it is that I do, and that I will have no problems whatso ever with money but when it comes to love, its the total opposite. It will be hard for me to find love and obtain it. So far in my life it has proven to be true. Its either I don't feel what they feel, or they don't feel what I feel.

But whatev's, I'm only going to use what he said as a guide towards my life.
My new motto is "Life's too short to sleep."

And that, I have not been doing much of as of late. I've probably have only gotten a total of 24hrs of sleep the past two weeks. I'm young, you're young, life is young, why not make the most of it?