Monday, May 9, 2011


I try my hardest not to judge people and their actions, but very rarely I've been down a certain path too many times and I know what I see. It's pretty pathetic in my opinion that some people who have been in a relationship for a certain amount of time whether it be six months, a year, two years, or ten that when someone new gives them attention they dive head first and forget about all of the time, energy, and hard work they've invested into their relationship. It's also pathetic that when someone is going through a rough path in their current relationship they seek someone new or a friend of the opposite sex to confide in emotionally or just have them around to take up time that normally would be spent with their significant other.

If any of this applies to you in any way I hope it was in the past and you have learned to never do it again because it's not fair to the person you are/were dating. If this currently applies to you, I'm probably talking about you. And normally I'd confront you personally, but I'll let it slide. I hope after reading this you'll stop on your own, but if it continues though I'll have to do something about it because there's nothing I hate more than seeing my loved ones hurt.

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