Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Money aint shit!

Just another example that money isn't everything:

This former Playboy Playmate/Ex movie star was found dead in her home this past weekend, but she was dead for so long that her body was nearly in a mummified state. She wasn't found 'til a year after she died. A YEAR!!!!

Imagine no one missing you for a year. No phone calls, no visits, no one calling the police because you haven't been tweeting, facebooking, texting, picking up calls, or calling them...so sad. Just shows you that money and fame won't buy you family and friends who'll genuinely care about you.

I remember one night when I was hanging out w/a friend and I accidentally left my phone in the car for two hours. When I eventually went out to grab my phone I had hundreds of missed calls from friends, spammed facebook wall posts, status updates that said "where are you?!?!?! Are you okay" or "has anyone seen or heard from tamzilla?!?", and hundreds of text messages. Although I was a little annoyed, I was still grateful for such great friends. They took me not texting or facebooking for a few hours as a sign that something was wrong. <3
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Anonymous said...

I've always wondered if anyone would miss me once im gone :/