Saturday, May 28, 2011

I got one of the best birthday presents (not joking to make someone feel good either) and it was a new journal. It's leather so it'll last for a lifetime plus it's filled with many many many pages for my nonstop mind. I started writing a few journal entries in the new journal, but I'm starting to feel bad because I haven't finished using up all of the pages on my old one (the plain black Mead Fivestar Notebook). I guess I'll transfer the new journal entries over to this blog and use up all of the pages on the old one before I start writing in the new one...BUT I feel like I'm finally getting things done and put together so I should start a new journal for it...ahh tough decisions!!!

But I want to thank you for the beautiful journal. I read the first page in my hotel room when I cracked it open to write my first journal entry and felt an unmistakable feeling of love in my heart. You have also grown to be my sister in the past years that we have gotten to know each other and there is NO DOUBT in my mind, body, heart, and soul that we will continue to be in each others' lives for a lifetime. No doubt. I mean we've already gone this far, what else is there to overcome but time? (;

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