Friday, May 6, 2011

Jonathan Harris : Today

Just hit play, watch, and listen.
A lot of what he says
I can definitely relate to

"When I reached 30, I think I felt a lot of things a lot of people feel when they reach 30 or around this age, which is that um maybe the way that your life is isn't the way you thought your life would be when you were 20 or 15, and you kind of freak out a little bit and you wonder you know like holy crap I'm aging and I'm getting older and I still have all of this stuff that I haven't figured out it's strange. It's almost like the process of growing up has made me, well almost like less sure of myself somehow because I see there's so much more that I don't know, which I didn't see before."

"I feel like I've definitely grown probably more this past year than I have any other...but that said I'm not sure what exactly I have grown into."

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