Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello from the Carribean Ocean

I was going to shower quick before heading out to the cities in Playa de Carmen, but the maid decided to show up so I'm out here doing a quick update.

My time out here has been wonderful. Definitely got to see what solitude was all about, and I'll have to say it's quite nice. Especially for a social butterfly like myself. I didn't think I could do it, and neither could my friends or family, but here I am proving everyone wrong.

The first dinner I had by myself was a whole new experience. I'm so used to talking away during meals that it was a big change for me to sit in silence and just chew and observe everyone around me. Although I wasn't in silence the entire time since the waiters kept coming up to me and starting small talk, but it was nice. I have observed a lot my time here.

For firsts I also went kayaking for for the first time ever today. I would have rather gone zip lining or para-sailing, but my travel agent stood me up yesterday evening when I was supposed to plan today's day w/her. Oh well, I guess I'll wait until I come back w/a few family or friends or solo again to do all of those. But kayaking was harder than I thought it would be. I watched a lot of people do it before trying it out myself and holy crap, props to everyone who could get out there. I stayed a good 50 ft from the shore because I couldn't maneuver the thing to go far enough against the wind and waves. I'm sure my arms will be sore tomorrow.

I made a few new friends here. Whom I'll never see again, but it was nice getting to know them while I did. A few resort employees and an older lady who seems to be in her late twenties - early thirties from Quebec Canada who also came here solo.

I cannot wait to come back for my third time so I can show family and friends the beauty of this place.
My trip here so far has made me realize plenty about life.
I am a hopeless romantic at heart, but I am not strong enough to let myself go completely to love.

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