Thursday, May 5, 2011


Okay, back in December I declined an opportunity to work for a particular Fortune 500 company. The position is usually offered to people with college degrees already in their hand, but I guess I'm being sought after because of my experience. Anyways, I keep rejecting the offer but they keep offering it to me, month after month (since Dec.).

I think it's a sign from the man above that I should accept it.

"Every blessing ignored becomes a curse."--Paulo Coelho

I'm normally an overall confident person in everything that I do, but honestly a big part of me is scared. Scared that if I accept this offer for this huge company that many would do a lot to work for, that I would do what I've done w/my previous positions for previous companies. It'd be my first "grown up" job.

*sigh* I want it, but then I don't want it.
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