Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#np John Mayer - Heartbreak Warfare

Am I really that crazy?
I think it's funny how a lot of my close friends keep telling me to not disappear from them. Do you guys really think I could just pick up and go without a word or a last appearance? I know I joke around a lot saying I don't have a heart and etc, but I could never leave without saying a "see ya later," that'd be too hard.

Without Facebook or Twitter, it'd probably be nearly impossible for me to keep in touch with my friends. That's one thing I'm really bad at, keeping people updated with my life unless you read things on here or keep up with my annoying 230943298 tweets a day, no one would know anything that goes on in my life. I just don't like to talk about it, literally. But I do looove to type about it. Ha.

I'm very lucky to have all five senses work, and I take it for granted everyday. It's unfortunate that there are many out there that can't see what their loved looks like, taste how delicious each dish in the world is, hear how beautiful and meaningful music is, smell how refreshing the ocean is, or feel the touch of their wife/husband's skin against their own. I tried sitting here deciding if I could only pick one sense to live with for the rest of my life which one it'd be, and I couldn't decide. I couldn't even decide one to live without.

This weekend made me realize how fortunate I am to have all five senses working. Thanks.

There are so many people in the world, let alone here in the United States. It's scary thinking about it. How each person that comes into your life, how they have already effected it. I guess you'll never know the reason behind their presence until they leave, but that's such a shame; watching each person leave. Reason, Season, Lifetime. I wish I was there for a lifetime for everyone of you. But not all wishes come true.

Man cave
I find it so claustrophobic watching some couples. The ones where both people are attached to each other by the hip. Every move, every breath taken together. I think that's one thing and the only thing that I miss about mine and Thinh's relationship. We were comfortable and trusted each other where we didn't need to do everything and anything together. I mean we were together a lot, but we still went on vacations without both people being there. He still went to the bars and clubs with his guy friends, me with my friends separate from him, but there were still times when we did go to the bars/clubs together and we still knew how to have fun with each other being there. I don't see very many couples doing that these days, so I miss it.

I think it's very important for every relationship to have time away from the s.o. to do some alone time things, and just breath. Otherwise things just get sooo routine, and we all know that's boring. No one wants to be stuck in a routine forever. So if I ever get married and if I ever own my own home with him, I'm going to make it a rule where he needs to have a man cave. A man cave is a room where it's primarily his, and he gets to do whatever the hell he wants in there. So whenever it's time to have space, the room is in use.

It's truly, ridiculously, weird, and surprising how life works. I will never get over that.

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