Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am currently on a hunt for:

  • cute, knee high, affordable black leather boots. Too bad leather and affordable doesn't go together.
  • a place that serves delicious empanadas. I can't seem to get my recipe right, but i'm not gonna quit.
  • my black, furry hooded North Face vest. Not only was it a Christmas present, it's a necessity for when snow rolls around. I don't like wearing big ugly jackets.
  • a cute black leather sling bag. I'm over my puked on Gucci sling bag, I want a plain black one.
  • a good laugh; I laugh everyday, but nothing worth remembering why I did.
  • a nice rooftop spot that's still open during Fall.
  • a consistent workout routine. I'm always,doing something different, everyday. I need a set time, and a set workout routine.
  • a nice laptop to invest in. too bad mine crashed, lots of important information, memorable pictures, and my collection of music. reminds me of when my first desktop crashed. )=
  • something, a hobby, job, friends, anything to fill up my time. i love telling people that sleep is a waste of time, but yet when i'm not sleeping i'm still wasting my time.
  • a reason why i should keep my hair long, or a reason why i should chop it all off.
  • stability

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