Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've gotten pretty comfortable with myself mentally and physically to not care what other's think about me. I know who I am as a person, and there's almost nothing I'd change about myself physically and if there was I'm working at it. But growing up I've always remembered having a few insecurities which includes:

my ears: they stick out abnormally so I hated putting my hair in a pony tail. I was never comfortable having all of my hair up because of them. But now I think the sexiest thing a woman can wear is nothing + a pony tail. It's also the bravest hairstyle a woman can do because it shows all of your face, nothing's hiding.

my freckles: i've definitely gotten this trait from my mother. she has 'em all over her face, and I've always wished that my skin was clear like most of my other vietnamese friends. But I'm slowly appreciating them more and more. Makes me different, I like different.

my petiteness: when I'm looking at people or talking to people, I don't see myself as this short and small person. I see myself as the same height as you, even if you're towering over me. It's not until I look at pictures or people tell me how small I am that I realize it.

I was just uploading pics onto my Facebook and I have never gone out downtown sporting a pony tail before. The pictures triggered this post.

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