Tuesday, September 21, 2010

blah BLAH blahhh

Remember the time when the only thing you had to worry about was trying not to fall from the monkey bars.
The funny thing is: I say I don’t want this, don’t need this, but I really do.
It’s true when they say “we always adore those that ignore us, and ignore those that adore us most.”
You can’t lose what was never your’s to begin with.
A smile has a lot of power, use it to your advantage.
I hate that school has started and that no one has time to do anything but work and school now.
It’s funny how I keep talking about happiness, the definition changes every day for me. Yesterday’s happiness was video skyping and watching youtube videos over skype w/a friend til 4 in the morning.
I really dislike people that complain every time they open their mouths, but you’re an exception.
Mind fucking, this is really mind fucking.

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