Thursday, September 23, 2010

#np Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin

Tea house trails of thoughts
Sitting here at Tea Garden, I forgot that I’m using my sister’s laptop since mine crashed. She has a laptop outside screen protector thing with little bears all over, a quote of some sort, and “Tiffany Le” written all over the thing. And with me looking like I’m 12, I wonder what people around me are thinking.

Currently listening to Deadmau5, and they’re soothing on this rainy day. I listen to all genres of music, but it’s rare to find me listening to house/techno/trance when I’m not drinking.

Family Affair
I love love love my family. Blood really is thicker than water, because in the end these people will always be there and support me no matter what I go through in life, but I really detest the fact that I have an infamous family throughout the world. My family is known really well throughout Minnesota, with all ethnicities, especially within the Asian community. But there are a few family members who have made my family infamous throughout the world.

Sure it can be nice to those who like the ‘fame’, but it bothers me knowing that everyone knows who I am by hearing my name and automatically they have this prejudgment of me in their minds because of the family I was born into.

First of all I dislike it when people collect presumptions of others before getting to know them. I know I do it too, but I try really hard not to. 100% of the time I’ll give everyone a chance, despite of the things I’ve heard from family, close friends, and acquaintances. Until the person shows me that they cannot be trusted, and have done me wrong, that’s when I’ll cut them out of my life. Even then I’ll most likely forgive them for their wrong doings.

Second, those people that knows me by name and knows the family I come from don’t get to know me for who I am. Rather, they know me for the family I was born into.

I refuse to use my family to network, even though I should. They say it’s not what you know but who you know, and the people they know could get me far in life. But with the person that I have grown up to be, I like to do things myself and my way.

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