Monday, March 14, 2011

Unhappy People

I almost feel sorry for unhappy people. When someone is unhappy, you can really see and hear it. Everything that comes out of their mouth is negative, and most of the time they like to drag others with them (seeking sympathy from others, finding anything and everything negative to talk about others, etc)

I almost feel sorry for unhappy people because they tend to find temporary happiness in others, material things, food, alcohol, etc. But like I said they're all temporary happiness that'll ware off as soon as the buzz does.

I almost feel sorry for unhappy because they care all too much about how they look, what they have, how much they have, and what others think about them. When in reality, none of that matters.

I almost feel sorry for unhappy people, but don't. Because everything they need to be happy is right there, but they refuse to see it, feel it, and take it.

People are good at hiding things. I see people smile and laugh all the time, but you're not fooling me. They're easy to spot. Look for the ones gossiping or talking about other people's lives. Look for the ones who keep buying material things. Look for the ones who always want to drink alcohol (Never drink to feel better, only drink to feel EVEN better).

I know these people. I read their tweets on Twitter, I hear them talking, I see them fake the funk...but all I can do is hope they free themselves from their own misery and find it within them to finally put a genuine smile on.
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