Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lets do this

I'm rereading past posts from the beginning until now. It's nice seeing that a lot of things have stayed the same, but then I have also grown up a lot also. Another reason why I love documenting things, you can see with your own very eyes how you've changed and remained the same over the years.

I just came upon that post. Um, so I finally had the balls to do both: quit work and school (but I am going back in the Fall...well so far as planned), so it's time for me to travel the world?

I was having lunch with my sister yesterday and she blatantly asked me "Why don't you just leave the country, you could do it so why not?"

Because from what I have learned from being in St. Louis and L.A. the place is only as good as the people in it (meaning I want my family and friends with me!). But now that she brought my attention to the idea, I'm seriously considering it.

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