Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eye Contact

I remember in my teen years, I hated eye contact. I believed that your eyes were the windows to your soul, and I never wanted to let anyone in. Of course though, now it changed. Not that I want anyone in, I just don't believe that anymore. I've noticed that after working in the customer service field at several different financial institutions, handling other people's money is a sensitive thing. I mean these people work hard for their money and they want to know that their money are in good hands. Since I have always held a position where you had to sell different financial products, I've learned that making strong eye contact always gives these clients/customers a reassurance that their hard earned work is in good hands. That they can trust you and your suggestions.

Even now that I'm not working I'm always making eye contact with the people I am exchanging words with, even if it's the barista at Starbucks. It show your confidence, and theirs if they don’t avert their eyes.

There’s something about someone showing that all of their attention is on you that I find pleasant. Especially when you’re in a room full of people, there’s so much going on but you and that other person (oh please don’t mistake this other person as someone you’re interested in or dating. I mean it can be, but it doesn’t have to be) are ignoring everything that’s going on in the background by holding each other’s gaze across the room.

Nonverbal communication is such a beautiful thing. Wait, communication in general is a beautiful thing.

May be surrounded by a million people, but I still feel alone


bebiix said...

i totally agree.
sometimes you can feel the ZING when your eyes lock with someone special.

Anonymous said...

It's actually a Viet thing to traditionally not look into eyes. I never really got that message but it's kind of true.