Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So last week (or the week before that) I told you how there were signs everywhere about my future, my desires, wants and needs.

I decided to not pay attention or look for them in any way just to see what'll happen. Maybe it'd go away or it'll present more signs. Well the past two days have been nonstop signs everywhere.

When I was reading The Alchemist, when Paulo Coehlo wrote about the universe:

"When you want something, all of the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

I sound loony again, but I months and months of "signs" I'm starting to TRULY believe the universe is trying to help me.

I'll probably blog about all of the significant signs later on just because two or so years down the road I'll wanna know what these signs are.

I'm not lucky, I am blessed.
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bebiix said...

I am a firm believer that everything you want will come to you if you want it bad enough. Its called the secret. Thoughts become things and people dont even know it. (: