Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello new readers,

I happened to retweet a blog post I wrote about a couple months ago on why I try not to judge people yesterday, and a friend who's following me on Twitter happened to read it and like it so much that so told me she was going to link it on her Facebook. We have plenty of mutual friends and since I haven't been on Facebook for quite a while I don't know who's clicking on the link or commenting. But I have been getting quite a few texts from people asking me where I've been, how I've been, and why I'm not on Facebook anymore. I guess reading the blog post and seeing that it came from Tamzilla, it reminded them that I'm alive.

Yes, I'm alive and I'm doing quite well thanks.
I linked this to my Twitter back in October when I first deactivated my Facebook. So here you go new readers (and current ones), this will explain to you why I decided to get off and stay off:

My dad bought me my first diary when I was a young girl,
and ever since then I've always kept diaries and journals of my thoughts and feelings.
But since the days I've learned that typing out my thoughts and feelings
is a lot easier and less straining on my hands.
When I first started this blog, it was private.
A place where I could let everything out without the feeling of being needy
(like calling a close friend to tell them everything).
Then, I started sharing my blog with a few close friends
and I eventually decided to make it public by linking it to my twitter account.
Although some days I do wish I would have kept this thing private or at least sharing it exclusively (because honestly it's a lot easier to not hold back if I know no one is reading this),
I don't mind it, as long as you keep reading this anonymously.
That way, I won't have to relocate to a new blog to keep myself from holding back when I'm writing on here.

Go as far back and read as much as you would like.
Excuse my poor grammar and spelling.
And enjoy this song:

I've been listening to this all day.

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