Sunday, March 6, 2011

First of the March Birthdays

If you've been following my blog then you'll know that I've been going through a transition. I started drinking at a really young age (13). And after last year’s one and a half months of binge drinking, and last summer’s bad decisions it was kind of inevitable to start feeling the way I do now. It’s indescribable but friends have seen the transition since the end of summer. I have gone from Tamzilla to old grandma.

Since summer ended I’ve been talking a lot about not going out so much but I never put any real actions towards the claims. But ever since the New Year hit, I haven’t been doing much but spending lots of time with my family and hanging out with some friends. It’s been a good month since I’ve last partied and drank and everyone got to see Tamzilla again last night.

I must admit though, I was really hesitating to come out last night but I’m glad I did. I don’t like missing out on birthdays and he’s one of the guys I grew up with. Happy 22nd Birthday Johnny Ngo!

Onto the best part, pictures (end of the night first b/c I'm not used to how Blogger uploads the pics yet):

proof of how wasted everyone is. In the background you see everyone all tired

Jane gone

Birthday Boy sandwich

get married already!

theo and kathy

linda, richie, pattie, beta

richard advertising for Target brand water. Fanyan, Johnny, and Brian

Nhi gone

Timmy gone

I think we only finished 5 out of the 8 (or 9) bottles we had

LOLLL no idea what was going on

Obama, Emmy, and I

Marshall and Vince

The Volcano

Vince and Johnny

Johnny proposed to Brian (one of the funnier moments of the night)

Obama enjoying her burrito

Louis and Booty

Richard, Dusty, Brian, Beta

It's not a real birthday until the birthday boy gets caked

Jane, Obama, Pattie, and I

Arthur, Obama, and I

the ladies



the lover birds

some of the guys

some of the girls

the first bottle of the night

Thanks everyone for last night's memories (also memories the past 8 or 9 years of my life) and this morning's headache, but after last night I'm back to being a grandma...until the next birthday.

This song is for last night. Because I don't remember much after the volcano.

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