Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carbon copy

I know a lot of my friends get annoyed when someone else "copies" them. Whether it be a electronics, clothes, hairstyles, etc...they (and I'll admit I did too) get irritated when someone is trying to a duplicate of them in one way or another.

How I see it is how do you know if someone is trying to "imitate" you? I read this from a good girl friend's twitter once something along the lines of "things are mass produced for a reason so many people can purchase it"--who are we to point fingers and say this or that person is copying us? What if they saw it on a model posing in a magazine ad? Or they saw it online somewhere?

Besides, even if a person really was trying to imitate things about you, just take it as a form of flattery. You're being looked up to. You must be doing something right for someone to want to be you. Haha that kind of came out conceited as hell, but you all know what I mean. Just be flattered.
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