Monday, March 28, 2011

No Human Contact Mondays Update

Today is the last Monday in March and since the month started I decided to do something called No Human Contact Mondays, where I have a full 24 hours of Tammy Time. No contact with friends, people, strangers, etc. Of course with the exception of my family (since I do live with them), and people I happen to run into while I'm out running errands and what not.

The first Monday of March was rough, let's just say I failed. The Monday after that I completely forgot about the whole thing, but the past two Mondays (including today) I've done a pretty good job of. Except for today where I had to meet up with a friend to start helping him out with some event planning stuff, but other than that I think I'm going to keep this up for all of the Mondays that follow today.

It's been nice to have a full day to myself and have no obligations to anyone. I get most of my to-do stuff crossed off on this day, and I find myself sleeping easier on Monday nights because I accomplish more during the day.

I've been meaning to blog about a lot of things for the past two weeks. I have jotted them all down on my handy dandy black notebook. But I won't get a chance to until I'm done with all of the things I have agreed to take on from my sister and a friend who is in need of help. So for the next three days I'll be doing all nighters, spending lots of time at this desk, at the library to get some research done, and lots of time on Microsoft Excel putting some things together. I've also agreed to get back onto Facebook for the next couple of weeks just to promote for a friend because he thinks I'll help draw more people in for the event. I doubt I'll persuade anyone for the event, but I'm not sure how I feel about hopping back on anymore. I'll feel bad if I don't keep my word though.

Who knows, maybe these next three days of business will get my old go getter self back.
All of this will definitely test my writing skills, organization skills, excel skills, and time management (which I need to get together regardless). But all of this work will definitely make these next three weekends in April worth it.

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