Thursday, March 3, 2011

Like I care

It's so like me to already have put a crack on the corner of my not even a month old laptop.

Between my siblings and I, I am known for being the careless one.

One time, my dad dropped my brother and I off at the mall to get new shoes for school. While trying on shoes at Footlocker, I left my Coach purse on the bench unattended and had $300 that my parents gave me to buy myself and my brother shoes stolen right out of my purse. Not the purse, just the cash.

I started wearing purses ever since I was a pre teen. And I never took care of any of them (even to this day, but I am proud to say I have grown out of my materialistic ways). I still have my old Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Prada, Gucci purses underneath my bed and they're all ruined with stains, torn fabric, busted up straps, broken zippers, etc to show for my negligent ways.

Before I even passed my license test, for two weeks my dad drove me around different dealerships so I could choose a car of my own. A month before my road test, I settled on a (lame and never should've picked, but still grateful) brand new '06 Scion tC. It only took me a day after passing my driver's test (first try baby!) to already put a scratch on my rims, and backed up into another car. Which unexpectedly didn't put a scratch on the other person's car, but did put a huge dent on mine. And now with my most recent car, the X5...let's not list everything but just say everything is wrong and I have no one to blame but myself.

Laptops, purses, cars, BlackBerries, clothes, cameras, shoes, you name it and I could tell you a thousand different "One time" stories even ones with my life at stake. But besides the last thing mentioned. They're all things that are replaceable.

I don't care for many things because of that known fact. They're all just material things that money will replace. Even friendships that have gone sour I don't tend to try and mend things because they're not worth mending. Again, replaceable. Brutal, but it's the truth.

As careless as I am, I know what things and relationships I should be protecting and nurturing.
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Anonymous said...

Just know that the world cares about you just as much as you care about it. People will treat you just as replaceable as you treat others, but not always from who you want.


tamzilla said...

I firmly believe that things happen for a reason.

I'll write a more in depth post for my reasonings another time.