Tuesday, August 17, 2010

random blurbs

-don't you just love it when things fall into place without you even knowing it?

....yeah, think about it. If this and that didn't happen when it did, you wouldn't be right where you are right now.

...but this and that did happen, and you are right where you are..sooooo what now?--better than asking yourself what if, if you ask me. (=

-jammin' to Azure Ray - Sleep, right this instance. Thinking thinking thinking, what's new?

...when I read my previous posts, most of them are time stamped in the AM's...funny how that is. Maybe sleep isn't my thing, maybe I really truly do feel that sleep is a waste of time, or maybe life just won't let me rest. Too tired to do anything, but too awake to sleep.

-The Backstreet Boys. I still know all of the words to every one of their songs. I remember back in the days when cd players were the cool thing, I'd always have a BSB cd playing. Especially before I fell alseep, I'd sing in my room, to myself. Where are all of those cds now?! Must find.

-just got a surprise text from an old friend. Why hello to you too stranger. Reason, season, or a lifetime. Either way, I hope I'm remembered, because I deserve to be.

-strange how little brothers and little sisters look older than us older siblings now-a-days. wtheck are they putting in the milk these days? roids????!? Which reminds me, I kinda wish I was taller. #keepdreamin

-"When I started flirtin with the hustle, failure became my ex. Now im engaged to the game and married to success“—Lil Wayne

...thinking of this quote reminds me of a quote from earlier conversations "all it'll be is pong, wayne, drake, and tyga"

-you know how i talked about fear being so powerful that it overcomes most people's happiness? i just, right now, literally right now realized that happiness has a strong power over me. i'm not sorry that i'm selfish. i've seen too many people unhappy in my lifetime, i just don't wanna be like you. an unhappy life is a life wasted...my thoughts at least. i can name a few of you who'd strongly disagree...but let's agree to disagree on this subject.

-so i heard this saying awhile back, it goes a little something like this "nothing in this life that's worth having comes easy"--so, unbelievably, true.

-“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking chances, and how it’s really just about overcoming your fears. Because the truth is, every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up, you’re always glad you took it.”- JD; Scrubs---whoever this JD guy is, or I guess whichever writer from Scrubs wrote that line is a smart man/woman.

-sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how do i break the news to everyone? #dontjudgeme #itsnotwhatyouthinkitis

-fuck what you heard, if you don't know, then you better ask somebody!

-i feel like i'm always going to be the girl who got away. but then again I'm fine with that too.

-you know what's scary to me? spiders, heights, isn't scary, but tomorrow is. i got through today, but no one ever knows about tomorrow. are you going to be there to enjoy it? will the people you care about be there to enjoy it with you?

-wicked, wicked, wicked...gotta get tickets ASAP. i have a feeling labor day weekend ticks will be sold out...prove me wrong!
..but first I hope MFB will visit. lameo he is, always last minute, er last second.

-i miss my brother. with him, i realized another thing about myself. i like running away from my problems. well most of them anyway. like how i never visit him, so i just run, literally. that's my excuse for not seeing him daily like how i used to. i'm a pathetic sister, i know. please don't remind me.

-"if i only had one wisssshhhh" #rayjvoice

-lights out. curtain call. haha i wish! sweet dreams world. cause i know i will be having em.

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