Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#np Colbie CailIet - I never told you

I have a problem
I just realized that I always have the need to share with people the things I'm passionate about and expect them to like it also. Everything from food, music, clothes, books, movies, cell phones (we all know I'm a big BlackBerry fan), etc, etc I always feel like I need to tell people about it. I think I get a little joy out of it. Sue me.

My blog
I don't really keep track of my hit counter that I have on this particular blog, but I do glance at it every time I'm on here, and I'm noticing the hits are increasing more than it did three months ago. I don't know if that's due to the fact that I'm blogging a lot more now or that more people I know know about this blog. Whatever it is, I'm glad people are reading my stuff, but I don't want that to change what I write about on here. I like writing on blogspot versus xanga and livejournal because too many people that knew me knew about those two blogs, so I've felt the need to hold back what I write on there. Originally, it was just a couple of people who knew about this blog, but obviously with more and more people having blogspots and adding those couple people, they're finding mine along the way.

A friend of mine asked for the link of this blog last night, but I wouldn't give it to him. He told me if it's public, then why can't he read it? --Well, I don't mind if people read it, as long as I don't know who reads it. So I told him to find it. I like knowing that people read my blog, especially strangers who stumble upon it because they don't have any prejudgment of who I am, all they know is the things I'm feeling through my words.

Words are my weapon of choice. It could kill ya.

This weekend
I'm not sure what to expect.

Things I'm craving
  • a bun mi
  • koala-ing
  • shabu shabu
  • push pop
  • a good, long, heart felt, no holding back conversation about life and everything in between
  • aloe vera drink
  • bot chien
  • work or something that'll occupy my time
  • a nice tan
  • fresco melt w/cheese fries from steak&shake
  • portillos' salad
  • laying out at the beach w/a good book and good music
  • hagaan dazs coffee ice cream
  • monopoly w/my friends
  • the list goes on...

Even though I've chosen not to go back to school this semester, and with me not working as of right now, after Labor Day weekend, I'm going to try my best to stay out of the clubbing/bar scene unless there's a good friends' birthday, or until Halloween. With all of the money I'm spending on drinks at the bar, that's a whole closet full of new dresses and shoes!

I'm almost positive on what I want to major in, it's just the actual part of me doing it and getting the degree that'll be tough. We all know I'm not a very studious person. I do what I can to get by and to get it done. Well, let's get it done so I can get the heck out of Minnesota. I've got my eyes on you New York City and/or Australia. But who knows life's a trip, everything can change in a single second.

I don't believe in plan B's because they just distract you from your plan A.

I'm hoping to wake up early, er at least earlier than what I've been waking up at to start buckling down and finding a new job. I always procrastinate with things like this. I dread the tedious work of updating your resume, finding the jobs that are decent and worth my time, and the long entering your name, previous experiences, what days you're available, etc I said tedious.

For the love of food
I have a huge love for food. I'm willing to try everything and anything at least once, and I love variety. I can't just eat one thing because I'll get sick of it. I laugh at those who don't enjoy food because of their health. Life's too short, tomorrow isn't promised. Do you really want your last meal to be a bowl of broccoli? How plain! But I'm starting to realize how all of the food I've been intaking is taking a toll on my body. My metabolism must really be slowing down because my eating habits haven't changed, but my body is. I'm definitely not giving up on transfat, and 'bad' foods, I'm just going to take 'em in portions, small portions. And spend a lot more time at Lifetime Fitness, and actually take my work outs seriously.

I can't sacrifice one thing, so I gotta change another to accommodate it.

Cafeteria conversation #39
A conversation that stuck out to me is about how one of my good fellow guy friends will not allow himself to get involved with a girl because of the things he sees with his friends. All of the things include: lies, betrayal, hypocrisy, broken friendships, broken families, broken trusts...pretty much all of the bad things that can come along in a relationship between two people. He states that he never will be in a relationship because he sees what getting involved with another person can do to you, and he never wants to be like that.

Understandable. Completely understandable if you want to be a pussy and be too scared to give something a try. Sure, all of those things can happen in a relationship, but 1) keyword: can, not all relationships turn sour and make people do crazy psycho path like things 2) don't we all learn and grow from those things happening to us? We'd stay constant, and the same if we didn't encounter lies, betrayal, broken friendships, broken trusts, etc. I mean, we wouldn't learn to keep our guards up, and to not trust everyone we meet if our trust hasn't been broken in the first place. And that's the beauty of life, we learn and grow everyday from things that happen to us.

The dude is crazy, and I hope he falls in love and flat on his face for saying crazy things like that to me.

Dashes, touches, and sprinkles to a strong relationship
Honesty; no holding back, the brutal blunt ones are what I love. If you can't be honest w/yourself, your family, your friends, and especially w/your significant other, then who the hell can you be honest with? Lies will only lead to more lies, and the more you lie the more you forget what you lied about...truth comes out. It only takes a second to tell the truth, but a lifetime to cover up a lie. Save yourself the time.

Loyalty; be faithful to yourself, family, friends, and significant other. I think the hardest people to be loyal to is yourself and your s.o. Be faithful to yourself by putting yourself first. It's your life, everyone else has their own, do what it takes to make yourself happy first. And with your s.o. if you feel the need to cheat on them emotionally or physically, break it off. No one deserves the heartache.

Respect; there's no need to talk down, fight (verbally and physically) w/anyone in public. Save that for when you're in the comfort of your own home, besides the physical abuse. that should never happen. But respect yourself enough to not say anything in public, it's tacky and no one needs to hear it.

Lots of hot sex; this only applies to a relationship w/your s.o. because incest isn't cool. But admit it, the same kind of sex gets boring after a week. Spice it up, be spontaneous, be public, anything...keeps you from straying, and also keeps your s.o. from doing so.

Look good; this one I feel is important because if you don't feel good inside, and feel good physically, then you're going to have a low self esteem. And low self esteem holds every kind of relationship from growing, especially the one that you have with yourself. So exercise regularly and keep your self esteem high, you'll be happier all of the time.

Trust; if you can't trust yourself, family, close friends, and s.o. then that's already a problem. Trust I feel is a foundation for all relationships, and we all know without a good, solid, stiff foundation things break and crumble. Besides if you can't trust 'em, then you shouldn't have a relationship w/them in the first place.

...these are not in any order.

Sleep to dream. Dream to live. Live to change someone's life. #goodnight

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