Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Music Challenge Day 2 (yes I have been neglecting you) Least favorite song:
Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow...even though the beat and lyrics are catchy, I can't help but cringe and flip the station immediately when it's played on the radio. It ale so doesn't help when the radio overplays it.

30 Day Challenge, Day one: A recent picture of you and fifteen interesting facts about yourself

Oanh and I taken earlier today at Sushi Tango

For the 15 facts I'll try and pick different ones than the ones I have on my Facebook to make it something new
1. you can play almost any song from any genre and I'll know the name and artist
2. I have a strange and weird phobia of round circular small things Ex: skittles, m&m's, grapes, cherries, marbles, etc.
3. my favorite animal is the lion
4. my favorite disney movie is the lion king
5. if there was one thing i wished my parents would've pushed on me when i was younger it'd definitely have to be playing the piano
6. halloween is my favorite holiday because it's the one day of the entire year where you get to be anyone in the world but yourself
7. even though i don't do it much, i enjoy cooking a lot. I wish i had more time to cook
8. i'm a huge NFL fan.
9. i hate sweets, but i'm slowly learning to appreciate the taste
10. i've switched my major so many times setting me back, but it hasn't stopped me from continuing
11. i've switched my major so many times because i can't pick just one thing to do for the rest of my life
12. living each day, day by day is harder than i thought it would be
13. my favorite color is the rainbow
14. my favorite channel on tv is HGTV
15. i want to do everything and see everything this world has to offer

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