Thursday, August 12, 2010

b/c everyone loves lists

things that inspire
-good music (lyrics + rhythm)
-well written books
-good movies
-long and short run sessions
-conversations over dinner
-drinks over happy hour
-time w/family

things that relaxes
-time spent at Lifetime Fitness
-run sessions outside
-good music
-long showers
-mini naps in the steam room

things that i miss
-my brother
-after sunday school and mass lunches w/mother and the sister
-staying in
-the fam (ya'll know who you are)
-the sun
-hanging out w/the stp boys
-star gazing
-young ambitions

things that i could live without
-rude people/people w/no manners
-grey skies and rain
-the entire month of august
-silly games
-bang grease that gives you forehead pimples
-debbie downers
-closed minds

things that i could not live without
-my camera
-the internet

things i wish i had more of
-spontaneous decisions
-time w/family
-time w/friends
-time w/my brother minus the meds

things that i believe in
-music, food, writing does the soul good
-that 20 yrs from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do then the things you did do
-patience is a virtue
-life's too short to be anything but happy

you can tell a lot by a person with
-the music they listen to
-the movies they prefer watching
-how they treat their family
-the way they drive
-how they treat their friends
-how they treat their belongings
-where they are in life
-their current goals (long and short) and ambitions
-their smile

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