Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 6

A song that reminds you of somewhere:

I always have a song for trips that I go on. Guilty reminds me of the Chicago trip my friends and I took back at the end of May. Lots of me mories flood back to my mind when I hear this song play. The countless hours in the hotel room talking about the night before, laughing at the silly people, getting ready to go out, deciding where to eat, etc. It's funny because before the trip, Giang and I were talking about where to go for my birthday, and I told her Chicago was the last place I wanted to go to because I've been to the city countless times before and it was just boring to me. Who knew it would've been one of the best trips I've ever taken in my life. A city in the middle of the U.S. Not too small, not too big.

Favorite super hero and why:
My favorite super hero would have to be Hit Girl from the movie Kick Ass, because she reminds me of myself and through the ways that she isn't me, she motivates me to try it. I don't know...bad explanation.

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