Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I just logged onto my fotki to pic a photo of the day, and I saw that someone looked into my prom albums! Wtf?! haha!!!


Not a polaroid! But I feel this is the speed my life is going at 100mph, and it's not stopping. &&& I would love to just TRAVEL right now.


Today was my last DWC class. It's once a week for twelve weeks that I have to go for two hours and sit there and listen and learn how to change my thoughts, beliefs, and actions to try and not relapse (makes me sound like a hardcore drug addict!). It was a drag at first to go to those classes once a week for twelve freakin weeks, and not to mention that they were two hours long each, but it was a good experience. $240 for the class alone not including other fees so I encourage everyone to find a sober driver each and every time you drink!

The experience was good because I got to know myself a little bit better, what my goals are, and how I affected others in my life with my DWI. I am proud to say that I will never ever drink while I know I have to drive again. And shame on those for peer pressuring me, when fully knowing that I have to drive!

There were many people who helped and supported me through this and still are so I'd like to thank:

My sister; she's done a lot for me like drive me to and from work and school, sometimes dropping me off to meet up with Thinh, to eat, the malls, waking up early as hell, and dropping off things for me late as hell. I know she complains about it and it gets annoying but without her, I don't know how I would've made it to work and school everyday + that court date.

My daddy; he's gone as far as hiding this whole thing from my mom, something that every husband shouldn't do, but he loves his children and knows when and how to protect them when they need it most. and he's the one who convinced me not to waste 5 G's on a stupid lawyer, thank goodness!!

Oanh; she's encouraged me to not drink when I don't need to and she's picked me up several times to go meet up with Thinh and to hang out with us. I think without her encouragment I would've ended up "relasping." LOL

My close friends; I don't need to name all of your guys' names, but thanks for the support. (=

Last but not least: Thinh; He's done more than enough, more than he should already. When it first happened, he bailed me out, gave me a place to stay until I could go home (long story! it was Thanksgiving weekend, my whole family was over the day when I got bailed out and my dad told everyone I was in Chicago w/friends so I couldn't go home), helped answer my questions about lawyers, prosecutors, court, fines, charges, and it was all when we weren't back together yet. Even when we did get back together a few weeks after the DWI, he was very supportive and picked me up early in the mornings (which is very sweet of him since he's not a morning person at all) to drive me to court, forced me to pay my previous tickets before the DWI, drives down to my hood to hangout with me on weekdays, picks me up drops me off on weekends, etc. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend/bestfriend. <3

Everyone has been really supportive, and I am very very grateful for that! Now it's my turn to return the favor by making sure that no one in my life gets in the same situation I was put in. Jail for two days wasn't fun, paying expensive fines aren't fun (I could've taken at least three trips w/that money!), missing school and work to go to court dates aren't fun, the DWC classes are expensive and aren't fun although you learn a lot, being on probation sucks, not being able to drive for a certain period sucks. It just makes you more dependent on those around you, and some people might not get lucky like me to have so many people to depend on and to support you. So don't drink and drive everyone!!!

Life's too short to make every mistake yourself, so learn from other peoples!

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