Thursday, September 17, 2009

Me & Emmy, October 31st, 2008
One of my favorite Holidays is Halloween. I guess some might not even consider it as a holiday, but it's one of my favorite, and it's coming up really soon. It's one of favorite holidays because it's not everyday that you get to dress up and actually be someone other than well, yourself. In the past I've been Barney's girl friend (I forgot her name), Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, the Grim Reaper, the guy from Scream, a ninja, a firefighter, a comedian from MTV's Wild 'n Out (it was a group thing we did when I was in STL), and last year I was a cop. I thought I knew what I wanted to be this year, but I'm not so sure anymore. I only showed the costume to a couple of people, and they gave me the greenlight to be it (they thought it was cute), but unfortunately the costume includes me wearing lots of tight leather, and a full face mask, only one can imagine what that would be right? But I have a feeling whatever I'm doing for Halloween, it's going to get real hot, real quick. Especially in that costume. So I'm back to square one. Thinking...thinking...thinking...

All I know is this year I want it to involve in a sexy/racy costume, a wig (preferably a different hair color than my natural), and some super high stillettos, and of course scary! --Afterall, that's what Halloween is all about, the scare. Which reminds me, I want to go to Valleyscare again this year! Food+rides+haunted houses+friends = awesome time. Only thing with that is T is scared of scary things..he doesn't like watching scary movies and while we were in Vegas going to the Wax house, there was a haunted house in it and he got so scared going through it.

Speaking of things to do on the holiday. T and I have been talking and I think we're really considering about going to Madison, WI this year. That is if we can get a group of at least 8-10 people to join us. But I know GMR always throws his yearly Halloween costume party, and him and Trina are two of the 9-10 that T and I would like to have join us. So, T's been trying to convince GMR about going and I'm gonna have to try and convince Trina. We'll see how that goes! I love his costume parties but a house with different crowds of asians usually end up in drama, and every year it's exactly what it's been, drama. So if anyone else would like to do something new for the weekend of Oct 30th, let me know! T went last year w/all of the guys and from the things he's been telling me it seems like it's exactly like how St. Louis, MO celebrates their Halloween in the CWE. They close a big street down, and everyone just parties on the street. There's vendors along the street selling alcohol and food, and a stage where they have bands play and the costume contest. And of course there's bars, clubs, and restaurants along the street that are open for a full party. It was fun, I wouldn't mind coming down there for Halloween either.

So if anyone has suggestions on what I should be, I would love to hear it! T is going as a Vampire this year..haha if only he was Edward Cullen...kidding!

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bebiix said...

i ♥ halloween!! valleyscare for sureee!! it opens soon!!! wild thing @ night is way too awesome.

a friend of mine told me about a halloween pub crawl??

i wanna goo!!!