Thursday, October 1, 2009

The three of us back in the days

Today marks my little brother and sister's 20th birthday. They are no longer teens, and are a year closer to being able to drink legally. Even when that day comes, I have no doubt that I can trust them with alcohol. Neither of them have shown any interest in drinking in the past unlike myself, so I know I can trust them when they do turn of age next year. But that is next year and this year they are finally 20!

I'm proud to see where the both of them are right now in life. And even though they both can be the pain in the ass most of the time, they are my blood, family, and I love them very much so. Just like my parents, if anything was ever to happen to either one of them, I think I'd be depressed...<3 you both very much so! and I hope they both get what they wished for, even though this year, I cannot give them whatever it is they want because I recently just lost my job, but hopefully when Christmas rolls around, I'll be employed again and can give them somewhat of a little something something. (=

This is as deep as I can go since it's five in the morning, and I just got done reading pages after pages of philosophy..but I may add a little more later on today.


Anticipating Release said...

Your siblings are lucky to have a big sister like you. Don't forget that!

bebiix said...

u guys look so cute :) i swear every asian girl has a bob @ some point in their life hehe