Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm extremely pissed, sad, and disappointed right now. I worked so hard on my Philosophy exam, only to have it go to waste. 100 points down the drain all because of a mistake. Trying to revise and make sure I understood all 10 questions correctly, I saved the exam until it was 12:00pm to try and turn it in, by the time I was done finding the attachment and tried to send it in, the dropbox closed on me at 12:01pm.

I instantly emailed my teacher, he has a strict no late work policy. I don't know how many students try to pull this off, but I honestly did try to get my work in on time! I'm so sad...I really don't want to lose the 100 points. It'll effect my grade a lot, and it's just the fourth week of school. This is truly an FML moment.


Payton on his 7th Birthday August 8,2009

I chose this picture for today because life is so much harder once you're in college. Well maybe not college because I still know quite a bit of young adults who still live off of their parents and all they have to worry about is making it to class everyday at 8 in the morning. I would love to be 7 again and have the ignorance of a child. No worries. Life was simple. But I can't complain I have everything I want, therefore I am blessed.

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