Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've only been breathing for 21 years, but why is it that I feel like I'm so old? Sometimes I do think that I'm rushing into life just a little too fast. Wanting to do this and that right now.

Someone told me that he used to set goals and time limits like I did on his life until he realized that he would have his whole to do it and that he was still young, considering that he is older than I am. True, you do have your whole life to do it, and yes most people would consider being in your early twenties pretty young, but I just feel like 24 hours in a day isn't enough, living until I'm 100 years old isn't enough. There just will never be enough time for me to finish and accomplish everything I want to do. Tomorrow isn't promised.

But maybe he's right, I should try to slow it down just a little. It's not the end of the world for me if I don't get something done by the timeline I have set for it. It's just a timeline that I have set for myself. I think everyone should set a timeline for their personal use. I mean, without goals, and a timeline, how would you know where to start? It's like driving without a destination. You'd just be driving around forever until you have a set place to be. That's why I have my timeline, so I know where to go. (=

But I am trying to let things fall into place...trying.

I folded this hand two years ago, and somehow I ended right back with it. Myself, a believer in fate and destiny, I believe that it was fate that brought the hand back to me. But fate can only take you so far. The rest is up to you.

Up to me; So my mind tells myself that I should fold the hand. Holding onto it will make me miss out on other oppertunites that other hands will bring to me. But my heart tells me to keep the hand, play it out until the hand cannot be played anymore, my heart tells me that this is my royal flush if only I'd give it time. --If only the hand will give me the time.

This is the battle between what's right for me, and what's right for the both of us.I'm not selfish enough to let the hand go yet.

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bebiix said...

my coworker is a scrapbooking guru! she sets up these two day events @ some hotel each year, let me chek with her and lets do it! :)

listen to your heart, sometimes your mind leads you to a different direction, but only your heart can tell you if your on the right path or not. :)

dont let your alter ego out, its hiding your true self.