Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging from my BlackBerry right now and it's so hard and slow! Blogspot, if you're reading this, please make a BB app already! It'd make my life so much easier!

I'm trying to do things different. I need to declutter my life of unneccessary things and unneccessary people. I said I was going to start this months ago, but those people always seem to find a way to crawl back into my life. It's frustrating and very annoying. Which makes me think should I just tell the person straight up how I think of her? But that would just cause awkwardness and tension when we do see each other because we have plenty of mutual friends, OR just cut her out without her knowing? But then she'd just keep acting like we're still good friends.

I just can't shake this person off. No matter how much I want to remain silent, apart of me just wants to scream and let her and everyone know what a bogus person she is! I have the right to call her that because I know her well enough to know how she is in and out, sideways and longways.

Anyways, why is it that I've been feeling dumb in my geo class? I know I'm smarter than I've been acting in labs, but my lab partner always just knows how to make my brain go crazyyy!

I need to find a job pronto!!

I wish I could just win the lottery already. I've always thought of winning the lottery as the "easy way out" but I can't help it but feel lucky or...lost my trail of thought cause T called. Beat from school, finish this tmr.

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