Saturday, September 19, 2009

L2R: Son, Chinh, Thinh, & Jimmy Date Unknown, but many of our bowling adventures.


I've never really been a competitive person ever. I've just never really cared if I came out on top or not. Things sure have changed though. Although I'm still not that great in sports (basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, etc) I still try. I think that's what counts but in things that I know I'm good at, I don't expect anything less from myself. If not be #1, I better be somewhere near it. Like taking tests/exams for school, bowling, writing papers, tetris (on Facebook or v.s. other people), sales goals at work to name a few. Maybe it's me being around guys so much that has me picking up on their characteristics.


Sometimes I hate being a Gemini. My mind changes so often. One hour I'm feeling this way, the next I'm feeling the complete opposite. How to make it stop?!

My doubts have not gone anywhere, although my actions might speak otherwise.

Like I've said before. There are 52 cards in a deck, but there are 1,326 possible starting hands, which one of you will be my royal flush?


I wish blogspot would be a little more private like LJ and Xanga.

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