Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Eversince the Movie, Jack, the one where Robin Williams is a boy trapped inside a boy of a person who ages quickly, I've always wanted a tree house. Now that I'm 21, it hasn't changed. A lot of men have something called their "man cave." A place they can get away from their girlfriends, wives, family, siblings, work, reality, life. So, later in life when I have my own place, my own house, when I'm done with school, paid off all of my private school loans, and can afford the things I want. I'll be getting my own oasis. Somewhere where I can escape the reality of things, when things get too much to handle and when I need a break. Something I'm kind of feeling now, except I have no oasis to run to to take a break. I've been meaning to pick up a book to read lately, but with everything going on, school, work, homework, I have no time. There's enough reading for my five classes as it is. Even if I had the time to read for leisure I don't think I'd know what to read. Anyone have any new and refreshing recommendations? --I'm willing to take it.

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