Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love Advice #'s 1 & 2

I find it ironic that a lot of my friends come to me for advice on their relationships w/their significant others, especially since I’m not in one myself. I tell them upfront before I give any opinions of my own that I don’t want to give out advice because if anything were to happen (good or bad) I am not the one living with the consequences, and if they’re still fine with that then I’ll proceed. But I'll just write about it on here anyways. Self reminders for if I am ever in another relationship. LOL

The one thing I stress for any and all relationships is happiness. You shouldn’t seek happiness in someone other than yourself. It’s a lot to expect from a person, and a lot of power to give them also. When you give someone the ability to make you happy, you also give them the ability to make you sad. I believe that if you’re not happy with just who you are and being alone, you’re not ready to be in a relationship because you truly won’t be happy with another person if you aren’t with yourself first. I also believe that your significant other and friends should make you happier. If you are just as happy without them in your life, then maybe you should stop wasting each other’s time. Being with someone should excite you, and if you’re just as excited being by yourself don’t bother.

Another thing I stress for is to never ever settle! If you’re settling for the person you’ve been with for 6 months, 2 years, or 10 years you’re missing out on being with someone that could make your life a lot happier. And the person you’re with could be missing out on the same opportunity for someone else. There are billions of people in this world, chances are if you feel like you’re settling you probably are because if you were with the person you were meant to be with you wouldn’t be questioning it in the first place.

I pity people who are in relationships because they’re afraid to be single. They’re too afraid to be by themselves, and not have that attention from a special someone. Man up and quit depending on someone else for your happiness. They have their own happiness to worry about. You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself.

I am currently single not because I don't love myself. I've been loving myself and I am happy (I believe I know myself well enough and am happy with everything in my life right now). I am currently single because I haven't met a guy who will make me happier than I already am in life. No spark, no butterflies, no excitement = No time, no effort, and no energy from me.

And I can tell just what you want
You don't want to be aloneee
You don't want to be aloneee
And I can't say it's what you know
But you've known it the whole time
Yeah, you've known it the whole time

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