Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Night

I was in the car w/Max, Ken, Clark, and Viet. All of us never go out to the clubs much so it was pretty crazy all of us in the same car were going to a club for the first time in who knows how long. Thanks to Saki we got to skip the 10,000 block line and cover.

I got pretty drunk last night and from what I remember it was fun. Somehow whenever I'm light weight the same two people are always there to help me. I'm so lucky that they're nice guys and are my friends. I don't even talk to Ricky unless I see him out, but somehow he's always the one taking care of me when I get too drunk.

What would I do without people who didn't love me though?
You know you're a blessed person when you wake up the next day and none of your friends give you shit for being too stupid drunk the night before. But all they ask is "Are you okay?"
I even got emotional drunk last night (first time for everything right?).
I think the last post got to me.
Cause I was calling Jane, Chris, Clark, Max, my sister, and her boyfriend at the hotel crying about how it was my Dad's birthday the next day and I needed to be home.
What a weird, but good night.
I want to thank Jeano for having me tweet for MAASU for the weekend.
And I want to thank everyone listed above for taking care of me when I'm drunk.
I can't forget about Ken, Viet, Peter, Khai, and Huy either.
What a good and memorable night.

What did I do to deserve my good life? I keep asking myself this question and I can never come up with an answer.

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