Saturday, November 13, 2010

New York, I Love You

So after a year of wanting to see this move I finally got to catch New York, I Love You. Prior to watching the movie I had a couple of friends warn me that it's not what they had expected and they didn't enjoy it too much. Personally, I didn't think the movie was that bad, I actually liked it. But out of all of the scenes from this movie I like this one the most.

If I ever get married, I hope the husband and I will be like this. Nothing like tough love w/lots of affection.

This is my second favorite scene from the movie. Self explanatory on why if you watch the full clip. #mistakesmenmake


Anonymous said...

I like these blogs that you blog - i'm fond of your critiques on movies, food, and news.

bebiix said...

love the second clip.