Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stirred emotions

I actually got out of my shell tonight and went downtown for the first time in who knows how long. Like a good friend of mine said yesterday “I think there’s a better chance of it raining meatballs than seeing you.” And when I told him I was gonna see him at the club, he immediately text me with “I can’t believe it’s raining meatballs.” Haha ^_^

I went out because I told a friend I’d her her and her sister’s designated driver for the night since I didn’t plan on drinking much anyways. Most of the night included me standing in VIP and watching down at the people on the dance floor. I love my guy friends, all of them came up to me offering me drinks and kept asking why I wasn’t having a good time because I wasn’t my usual crazy alcoholic self. A couple of them even called me mom, because I was watching over the “kids”, but I didn’t mind. I honestly still had fun even though I wasn’t my usual self when going downtown. I honestly do think I’m getting too old for it. It’s just not the same anymore.

I ran into a lot of old faces and even my uncle Quy. I also ran into Thinh and I’s mutual friend Eightball. This guy is well known for a lot of things, most of it not good, but he’s our very very good friend. Like me, Thinh doesn’t have a very good past. Him and his small group of friends are well known throughout Minnesota for the things someone shouldn’t be known for, and everytime we needed him, Eightball was there for us. Hell, the guy has even gone to jail a couple of times for us. I didn’t even recognize him at first. I knew there was this weirdo who kept staring at me, but I just thought he was another one of those club creepers, until he came up to me asked how I was doing and asked me where my “man” was. When I told him that Thinh and I weren’t together anymore, like everyone who knew the both of us, he was shocked. He even lectured me in the middle of the club for a good twenty minutes.

Eightball told me a lot of things I already knew, like: how Thinh loves me a lot and that no matter what happens between the two of us we should try and work it out. How we were the Bonnie and Clyde of Minnesota, the "gangster" couple. How there are a lot of guys out there who’ll try to be my friend and talk to me just to get into my pants. How Thinh is a really good guy and how I am a really good girl and that we belong together. How he loves Thinh and loves me and loves the STP guys and that we’re all family to him and that he would go to jail again in a heartbeat to just protect us. Etc etc. I’ll admit, even though this is like my thousandth time hearing all of this from mutual friends, hearing it from this old gangster dude kind stirred some emotions.

And running into one of the STP guys didn’t help that either. I miss them all a lot, they were my down ass boys and I was their down ass girl ready to fuck someone up when things went down, and trust me things went down a lot.

I remember when Thinh and I literally just broke up and I went downtown with a couple of friends and were drinking around some guys who I didn't even know at the time (they just happened to be standing by me), but Thinh and I's "enemies" jumped the guys who were around me just because they thought it was Thinh and the STP boys... a couple of them had to get a few stitches and ever since that night I made sure everyone knew that I wasn't with Thinh anymore. I'm fine with going out and having to watch my back because I'm used to it. Dating Thinh and having the STP boys as my brothers, it's something I had to get used to. We had to memorize faces to make sure we were never caught slipping, but I don't want my innocent friends to have to watch their backs just because they're out with me. That's not cool. But I'm trying to be a peaceful person now. Tonight definitely showed that, since an old good friend and I reconciled, and when we were talking, it's funny how everyone thought we were gonna fight. But I'll let everyone assume what they want to.

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