Sunday, November 7, 2010

Salty, treated, bleh, whatever you wanna call it

I’m a firm believer of actions speak louder than words because to me no matter what a person says, unless it is backed up with some sort of action it will always remain what it is, words. With that, I normally don’t hand out my trust, people have to show for and earn it. But when someone breaks that trust, I’m not angry or mad. I just get upset, because I can no longer trust whatever comes out of their mouths. In the end though, it’s my fault I handed them the trust to begin with.


I've come to the conclusion that dating isn't for me, and learning to trust someone comes with dating, so I'm just going to accept my fate.


The scariest part of my day is always coming home late at night and having to get out of my car, open the garage, hop back into my car, park it inside the garage, and running into the house. After reading disturbing articles on how people wait for you to get home because they know your schedule and follow you into your house to rob, rape, kidnap you has given me paranoia.

Even though my family's house is located in a small cul de sac, and even though we've lived here for the past six or seven years, I still don't know who my neighbors are. One night Thinh and I came home late after a party, it must've been around three in the morning we parked his car in my driveway, and as I was opening the garage the then unknown man comes out of nowhere and starts stumbling towards Thinh and I. The guy even followed us into my garage and that's when I got freaked out so I called the cops. Turns out it was my neighbor who lived across the street, and he was drunk. I felt bad for having the cops arrest him, but it was scary. Ever since then, I can never ever get out of my car to open the garage unless someone is with me, watching me, or on the phone with me. Yeah I can be a little girl sometimes.

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